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ATM Management & Monitoring

Cardtek ATM Management and Monitoring Platform is multi-vendor and multi-protocol solution designed for efficient management and monitoring of wide ATM networks. It is flexible and cost effective as it adopts to various transactions and provide management features remotely for large ATM networks. Solution downloads state, screen, FIT and configuration tables to ATM terminals. Acquires and manages cardholders’ transactions, solicited and unsolicited status messages from ATM terminals. Provides flexible infrastructure to manage ATM terminals remotely. Providing cost advantage by decreasing field support services with remote content and security management features.

Key Benefits

Scalable transaction engine, embracing massive ATM networks
File Distribution system that enables to load bitmap, flash, video files into the ATM.
Electronic journal uploading and viewer support.
Bulk ATM commands support for group of ATM’s (“service in”, “service out”, “load Key”).
Useful and Easy to use Back office. ATM management & monitoring tools

Key Features

• Profile builder for editing state, screen, fit and configuration files.
• Parametric Transaction Set & Parametric ATM screens.
• High level of security, RSA encryption in key loading and exchange.
• Supports common ATM brands and formats, different ATM configurations.
• Multi-Currency transaction management support.  

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