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Anti-Skimming Solution

Cardtek Anti-Skimming Solution guards ATMs against fraud attacks and enables bank customers to have a trusted ATM operation without any interruption.

Cardtek Anti-Skimming solution stops the possible illegal card copying during the insertion and ejection of the magnetic card to and from the ATM card reader.

The illegal card copying devices read the data on magnetic stripes via magnetic heads. The read data is recorded on the device and later written to another card. The cloning of the original card identity with this method is prevented. Cardtek Anti-Skimming device emits a jamming signal and prohibits copying with a propriety technique which cannot be sampled. The recorded signal cannot be separated.

Key Benefits

Fraud prevention
Easy installation
There is no need for resetting or servicing of the unit in case of an attack
No need for calibration

Key Features

• Anti-Skimming Device’s remote monitoring is possible with a USB and RS232 connection
• Reading faults are eliminated with the ability to tell when the card is being inserted or ejected from the ATM/SST
• When there is a problem with the card reader and/or in its replacement cases, there is no additional service requirement for the Anti Skimming Device’s operations
• If the Anti-Skimming module senses an external attack, the unit will cut the power to the card reader automatically
• Compatible with all brands and models of ATM/SSTs and various adaptors and firmwares

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