Hardware Solutions
The Right Hardware Improves
Efficiency and Security In Payment Systems

Organizations need to control costs, manage threats and ensure compliance while competing in a global and competitive market. It’s essential to proactively detect potential areas of security breaches and remediate threats and attacks.

The right hardware products enables organizations to fearlessly implement new business services while managing risks effectively and fulfilling regulatory needs.

Cardtek Offers Smart Appliances for your Peace of Mind

Cardtek Hardware Solutions designs and manufactures hardware and built-in software solutions for the fast moving payment industry to address the needs of customers with optimized solutions and innovative smart appliances.

We provide efficient, secure, customizable and easy to use solutions along with expert guidance provided throughout the whole life cycle of products and solutions. Cardtek Hardware Solutions is an embedded solutions provider in the payment systems industry with broad experience in data networking, embedded systems, remote device & system management, security, card printing and value added solutions such as monitoring and anti-skimming.

Cardtek is the authorized reseller and gold partner of Thales and Safenet / Gemalto for Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and the authorized reseller of major card printing devices. Cardtek supports customers through the entire purchase cycle for these products.

Why Cardtek Hardware Solutions
  • • Manage costs and achieve security and compliance with most up to date solutions
    • Easily customizable products and services built on analytics
  • • State-of- the art engineering
    • Proactively prevent / detect problems and increase customer satisfaction


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