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EMV Transit Management

Cardtek EMV Transit Management Solution provides a variable fare payment system that enables open loop contactless cards to be used with existing terminals in compliance with financial payment industry standards.

The new payment acceptance concept allows to use existing close loop cards on a separated system. The separation provides a secure channel distribution to Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) solutions for conforming to open loop payment industry security standards. Variable fare calculation for existing open loop contactless cards requires host based risk management, authorization, clearing and settlement activities between an acquirer bank, AFC system and terminals.

Cardtek EMV Transit Management Solution provides the functionality and integration between the AFC system, acquirer bank, terminal and other required elements in the transit environment while performing risk management analysis. The secure channel protects sensitive data elements in a special EMV contactless transaction with a tokenization process.

Key Benefits

Additional revenue from transit transactions
Earning new cardholders
Accessing unbanked customers
New use cases for banking cards
Architecture flexibility: account-based architecture, easier changes to fare policy
Interoperability: globally-accepted security standards (tokenization, using issued global specifications), existing card usage
Reduced payment media issuance
Speed of deployment: standard solution, well defined integration specifications
Lower fare collection costs
• No need to maintain a separate cash handling process
• Reduced TMV equipment and maintenance cost
• Easy settlement activities
Customer experience
• Less time for standing and waiting in line of to buy a fare product
• No need for a new transit card
Speed of deployment
• Standard solution
• Well defined integration specifications
Additional revenue opportunities
• Advertising
• Card revenue
• Expanded distribution channels

Key Features

• Supporting online and offline transaction
• Payment Gateway for regular transactions
• Risk management integration
• Fare calculation integration
• Deferred transaction generating
• Variable fare with existing contactless EMV cards
• Separated secure area with a special tokenization
• Multi AFC integration
• Multi bank integration

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