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Service Provider Trusted Service Manager (SP TSM)

Cardtek’s interoperable Service Provider Trusted Service Manager (SP TSM) solution is designed to enable Service Providers and Mobile Network Operators to offer various types of NFC services to their customers. The main purpose of the system is to build an open interface for Service Providers which will ease the NFC operations and decrease the level of complexity for integration with different actors in the ecosystem.


Key Benefits

Easy integration and short project times
Extended monitoring and reporting modules
Multi secure element support
Secure element vendor agnostic

Key Features

• Open interface for all service providers
• Certified system by Mastercard and Visa, in compliancy with PCI/DSS
• Detailed and parametric reports are available for MNOs and service providers
• Support of SIM, eSE, MicroSD
• Support of any secure element vendor
• EMV payment, loyalty, couponing, transportation, ticketing, access control

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