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Digital Payment Gateway (vpos)

Cardtek Digital Payment Gateway is an online payment processing solution which works seamlessly with banks’ acquiring switch systems and e-commerce and m-commerce institutions.

Cardtek Digital Payment Gateway provides end-to- end back office, payment gateway, monitoring, reporting that banks require to complete their e-commerce card payment transactions. It is a web-based solution that works in compliance with the Visa/Mastercard/AMEX 3D secure standards. System also includes issuing 3D secure (Access Control System) and SecureCard Storage module for one-click payment.


Key Benefits

Provides a cost-effective solution for merchants and banks to offer e-commerce solutions to their clients
Can operate with multi-currency and multi-language support
A24/7 shopping opportunity for merchants’ clients

Key Features

• Transaction set featuring sales, refund, void, pre-authorization, loyalty transactions, batch transactions
• Various pricing methods such as license or renting
• 3D support
• Recurring payment feature with Collector POS module

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