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Collection Management

The Collection Module is a solution that keeps track of the cards and manages the collection process when the cardholder’s card payments are overdue. It is possible to track and report the whole process of collection and the performance of the collectors over this solution. The customers are structured and gathered in a pool inside the system.

The system offers various tools to the collector to perform the collection from the cardholder. The pools are updated and the tracking functions are proceeded according to the work done and also the payments of the customers

Key Benefits

It is possible to track the card balance of the customer based on several features such as segmentation, expenditure, points etc.
The percentage of the NPL (Non-Performing Loans) decrease significantly leading to a more robust company financial statement
The customers can be regularly contacted according to their payment performance
Collection Management ensures a system which can help perform the collections effectively

Key Features

• User definable collection settings and actions
• Effective pool management
• Automated status control
• Automated letter generation
• Collection history
• Diary/memo entry
• Comprehensive reporting
• Optional integration with banks current collection system
• Late payments are recorded on the risk collection system

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