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Agricultural Card Management

Product is a special credit tool offered to farmers in order to provide them a suitable cycle so that they can pay their debts following the harvest periods.

This is a mechanism which enables the farmers and livestock breeders to use the government supports to purchase farming related goods by the help of the cards issued by banks.

This mechanism atomizes the process for both cardholders and merchants and also the usability of the financial supports from end to end. It also manages the loan process of the banks which they allocate to the farmers. With this method banks can evaluate cross selling opportunities.

Key Benefits

Provide banks new customer acquisition instrument
Supports keeping records of the government incentives over the cards
Provides banks with new loan limits for the farmers after successful assessment
Government supports can be monitored, therefore the government can make sure the supports are being used in a correct way

Key Features

• An EMV debit card with a commercial character specific for agriculture
• Separate accounts are used for commercial purchases and debit transactions. Core banking system takes care of the debit transactions while Agriculture Card system is used for the authorization of the commercial transactions
• Independent loyalty point structure
• Interest-free period implementation
• Interest rate can be differentiated according to the customer segmentation
• Different financial conditions can be applied under separate product codes
• Supplementary card and card fee can be applied optionally

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