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PayPass Training

Course Overview: Mastercard PayPass is a contactless payments technology which is developed and maintained by Mastercard in order to help parties in the payment systems migrating contactless payments. The course covers technical and business aspects of Mastercard PayPass technology. As part of the technical topics Mastercard PayPass specific transaction flows, security algorithms are covered, while on the business side, the migration processes, certifications, and the value added service options are covered.

Audience Profile: Sales, Marketing, Operation, IT, Payment Systems Departments

Duration: Half-day


At the end of training, you will
Learn the main principles of the Mastercard PayPass technology
Understand the contactless transaction flow between terminal and PayPass card
Understand differences between PayPass Magstripe and PayPass MChip
Have a general knowledge of certification processes for issuers
Have a general knowledge of certification processes for acquirers
Learn Mastercard PayPass specific algorithms
Be able to increase technical and business capabilities of staff working in payment technologies
Understand the benefits of Mastercard PayPass technology both for business and technical perspective.
Have information regarding PayPass migration roadmap and strategy
Have information about Key Management & Security mechanism

Main Topics

History of contactless payments
Form factors for Mastercard PayPass
Mastercard PayPass transaction flow
Combined Data Authentication approach
Compute Cryptographic Checksum step
Personalization of Mastercard PayPass
Post issuance scripting for Mastercard PayPass
Offline balance management
Cardholder verification options
Value added services with Mastercard PayPass

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