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NFC Training

Course Overview:  NFC training, provides understanding of contactless payment ecosystem including HCE (Host Card Emulation), SE (Secure Element) and wearable devices. NFC Training covers similarities between NFC, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). Additionally, attendees will have an understanding of provisioning, tokenization and life cycle Management of the cards in NFC ecosystem. Providing examples of the usage areas of NFC payments such as access control, payment, and transport.

Audience Profile: Sales, Marketing, Operation, Business Development, IT, Payment Systems Departments

Duration: 1 day


Understand on both the business and technical aspects of contactless payments.
Understand the basics of NFC payments and NFC ecosystem.
Learn differences between Secure Element(SE) and the HCE ecosystem, user experience, transaction processes and security, scheme requirements and implementation considerations.

Main Topics

What is NFC?
NFC digital payment basics
NFC digital payments ecosystem
NFC payments form factors and use cases
Host card emulation (HCE)
Wearable payments
Digital Enablement (provisioning, tokenization and life cycle management)
OEM Pays
Certification and Security

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