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Mobile Payments Training

Course Overview: Providing basic understanding of the functionalities of Mobile Payments. Covering all Digital payments with examples and use cases with scenarios to understand how to use the technology in real life. Training is useful for both merchants to understand how to accept mobile payments and for banks to understand why to have a mobile wallet solution.

Audience Profile: Sales, Marketing, Operation, Business Development, IT, Payment Systems Departments

Duration: 1 day


Learn the basics of digital payment solutions.
Analyze of new forms of payments and use cases of each form of payment
Have opportunities and challenges of the mobile payments for payment providers and retailers.
Understand on both the business and technical aspects of successfully launching and managing Digital payments.
Understand how do you develop the business case for mobile wallets? How do you gain consumer and retailer engagement? What are the implementation challenges?

Main Topics

What is Digital Payments?
New forms of payment in the digital life
How they’re changing the way people pay
How do mobile payments work?
Digital payments form factors and use cases
Global Mobile Penetration
Near Field Communication
Mobile POS/Card Acceptance
Mobile checkout services such as Paypal, Master Pass and Visa checkout.
QR Codes
Unique ID Based Payments
Mobile Commerce
Direct to Carrier Mobile Billing
Stored Value Account (e-money)
Mobile Coupons, Gift Cards
Loyalty functions in digital life
The benefits to the end users and retailers
Differences in Mobile and Cloud Based Payments
What are the common fraud tools needed for mobile payments
How to adopt new mobile payment technologies
The challenges of mobile and digital payment methods

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