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EMV Basics

Course Overview: Basics of EMV standards to give attendees high level understanding of EMV topics and benefits in general.

Audience Profile: Sales, Marketing, Operation, IT, Card Management, Payment System departments

Duration: 1 day


At the end of training, you will
Learn what EMV is and how it is certified
Understand the benefits of EMV technology
Learn EMV transaction flow details
Understand EMV related algorithms and key management structure
Grasp EMV technology influences regarding acquiring and issuing systems
Perceive the impacts of EMV migration to existing payment systems.

Main Topics

EMV Introduction
EMV Standards Overview
EMV Files and Data Elements
EMV Security Overview
EMV Multi-Application Management
How to migrate to EMV for Acquirers
How to migrate to EMV for issuers
EMV to prevent Fraud
Usage of EMV Cards in Secure Internet Access
EMV Offline Parameters and Working Flows

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